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History of the Book of Luke

Luke, the beloved physician, authored this Gospel in the New Testament of the Bible around 4 B.C. to A.D. 33. It is the longest of the gospel with 24 chapters which moves through the ancestry, birth and early life of Jesus Christ all the way to His death and resurrection. Luke was not only a physician (a man of science) but he was also a Greek (a man of detail). He was a close friend and traveling companion of Paul. The Book of Acts starts where the Book of Luke leaves off. Luke never met Jesus but chose to follow Him and to learn all that he could about Him. The account of the Ascension is given in great detail by Luke. One-third of the book of Luke is unique compared to the other three gospels. Luke is the only gospel that writes to an individual, Theophilus. The main thing one can learn by reading the Gospel of Luke is that Jesus is the Messiah. Forgiveness of sin can be obtained only through Jesus Christ and He is the only way to gain salvation(eternal life).

After you read through each chapter of this easy to navigate, free online study bible; simply click the "next" or "previous" chapter buttons at the end of the chapter or click on a chapter number in the tables. If you haven't taken our challenge to read the Bible in less than a year, check our ART system out with the "our challenge" link at the top of any page. Under some verses, you will find cross-reference links that are clickable and usable for study purposes.
Father God,

We pray in intercession that You send Your Spirit to the one that wishes to read Your Holy Word in this Book of Luke. We pray that You fill them with understanding, so that they may discern and have placed on their heart the things which they need to know as they read this New Testament Gospel of Your Holy Word. Thank You for hearing our prayer Holy Lord.

In Your Great and Mighty Name we pray,